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Gorkha United Public School

Gorkha United Public School (GUPS) established in 2057 B.S. (2000 AD) and ideally located at Kohalpur Municipality-02, Banke, in a peaceful and serene academic ambiance, with spacious physical infrastructure, has earned a formidable place in the Mid-Western Development Region of the country. The School spreads over 1.6 hectare of land, acquiring its own Academic and Administrative buildings, Residential building, Full fledged Science lab, Computer Lab, Resourceful Library with study room, Auditorium and Cafeteria.GUPS, with a team of dedicated and highly experienced professionals, leaves no stone unturned to provide academic excellence, implementing Modern Methodology of Teaching. Since 2065 B.S. it has started Grade XI & XII in Science and Management stream with adequate physical and academic facilities. Since Academic year-2075, the school has started to operate B. Sc. Agriculture programme affiliated to Agriculture & Forestry University, Rampur, Chitwan under the project ‘Gorkha Polytechnic College & Research Centre’ with the sole aim to provide technical education. The College owns its 4.5 hectar of land with the complete setup separately. Hence GUPS has come a long way in these 19 years preparing the students for thechallenges of the competitive world of the 21st century.


Message from the Founder Chairman

Indeed, I am extremely delighted and pleased to have this golden opportunity to express my experiences over the last 19 years of continue service, in Gorkha United Public School. In fact, GUPS has its renowned history and; the most importantly, it deserves the communal complement for a grand achievement in the field of education.

Undoubtedly, experiencing many unexpected hurdles over the years, our joint venture motto has been exceptionally accelerating towards its target quite satisfactorily. In mean time, the GUPS is quite steadily maintaining to develop the organization continuously ranging from Secondary level to Bachelor in Agriculture studies. Since the Academic Year-2075, the Institution has managed to operate Gorkha Polytechnic College & Research Centre as well. Through the establishment of the technical College, the entire trustees and its employed staff have become very much proud of it. The technical College will be conducted at Baijanath-4, Baniyabhar, Banke, separately under the existing Management team in the near future.

Moreover, the organization will be working closely to fulfill its fundamental needs in order to maintain the quality education. Similarly, the school Management team is also deeply considering for educating the pupils and society, in the different fields of practicality and; the job oriented education.

Last but not least, the organization is also gradually reforming the viable operating system for the benefits of all employed staff, in line of maintaining the dignity, good faith, trust and solidarity. In the end, may I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to the Editorial Board for their hard work in publishing the GUPS 18th Annual Newsletter.


Kesharbahadur Ale Magar

Founder Chairman


Message from the Principal

I feel honoured and privileged to be a part of GUPS where every stakeholder is a learner and every day is an opportunity to learn and discover.

As we move towards the beginning of the Academic Year 2077, I feel so fortunate to be a part of this community of students, parents, teachers and admin staff, all of whom are united in a desire to provide the very best environment for each individual child.

Learning is not a process limited to schools & colleges only, nor does it end with the conclusion of one's school career. Hence at GUPS we aim to empower our students to
grow as individuals. The unconditional support of the management, the untiring dedication of the teachers and the regular co-operation of eager parents, have been
conducive for the development of the school as a whole and of each student as an individual.

I'd like to thank everyone associated with the school, for their tireless work and support to make this school a successful entity. A special thanks to those connected with
the publication of the 18th issue of the school Annual NEWS LETTER.

Lastly, I'd like to say that "Anything is possible if we are willing to put in our efforts".
Best wishes & God Bless!!

Sadhana Thapa

What We Offer

Science Lab

To impart practical knowledge to the students, GUPS
has extended its Science Labs to facilitate the students with all sorts of materials and equipments. It possesses separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology experiments in which students of High school also transform their theoretical knowledge into practical.


Library & e-Library

GUPS has expanded its Library with separate study room with inclusion of thousands of world class books on Science & technology, Mathematics, Nepali & English literatur and Encyclopedia along with relevant text-books. GUPS library also acquires thousands of magazines (Daily/ Weekly/Monthly). Along with this library possesses connection of e-Library through internet.


Co-Curricular Activities

Study gets no completion without the involvement of Co-curricular activities. Hence throughout the year the school conducts different activities/competitions
on weekly basis as house wise competition according to School’s Academic calendar. Besides, the school organizes Mini Running Shield, Annual Sports/Parents’ Day and GUPS Talent Hunt every year with the active participation of all level students. S

Audio/Visual Classes

To provide visual understanding of different theories & hypothesis, the school possesses Audio/Visual aids like separate Laptops, LCD projectors for juniors and senior students with e-classes on variety of subject topics.


Computer Lab

Traditionally, computer labs have been configured to support teaching and learning by providing rows of computers in a lecture-style classroom set-up. Lab computers and software allowed students to complete course assignments or learn new programs.

Children Park

Kids pay more attention to academic tasks when they are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play. Recess can also have a calming effect helping with disciplinary issues and impulse control. Unstructured physical activity on the playground helps kids become smarter, healthier and stronger.

Life at GUPS

Life at GUPS is awesome. We are always devoted towards the students. Our main motive is to ensure quality education to every students enrolled at GUPS.

We not only offer good course education but also the extra-curricular activities that enhances necessary skills and knowledge to our students.