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शैक्षिक सत्र २०८०-२०८१ सम्बन्धि जानकारी


Gorkha United Public School


GUPS has come a long way in these 22 years preparing students for the challenges of the competitive world. As the school moves towards the beginning of the Academic Year 2081, it has been felt that to achieve academic excellence still, some educational approaches need to be cultivated shortly then only the dream to develop the organization providing sustainable, ideal and valuable education can be fulfilled. Hence to uplift qualitative education under a '5-Year Perspective Plan' (A/Y 2079-2084) some of the organizational planning needs to be initiated from A/Y 2081.

The physical facilities of the school along with the equipment essential for imparting education have enormous significance. Upgrading the Academic and Physical infrastructure according to the need is inevitable. Moreover, the right ambience is required in imparting quality education. Hence a great deal of thought has gone into transforming the existing classrooms into child-friendly classrooms with adequate space for storing teaching materials, renovating the old building and furniture, and prioritizing digitally friendly learning by installing Smart Board in the classroom.

Another important aspect of a school is how often the teachers are facilitated with Training Programs throughout the year. Well, GUPS believes that the Teacher Training Program equips teachers with techniques and modern pedagogy strategies which help them to better understand and manage their students. Considering the fact the organizational planning focuses on Teacher Training at the very beginning of the New Academic year along with other skill development training and workshops required for Academic & Non-Academic staff. A good ratio of students to teachers allows teachers to facilitate a healthy learning environment for the students. Younger students do require more time and individual attention from teachers, so to achieve the desired result the school has the forethought to bring down the number of students and reduce the class size of the Primary Level from the New Academic Year.

Last but not least, the change in the present teaching methodology has been initiated from the primary Level (i.e. KG-1, – Grade III) from the Academic year 2081. Under the aforementioned master plan, the school has already launched a new format of Training for the Pre-Primary Level last year. With the application of the ABL (Activity-Based Learning) and PBL (Project-Based Learning) methods, the preparation of adequate resources as teaching materials is already underway which has been facilitated by Mr. Dhundi Raj Giri, the CEO of Activity Based Instruction, Nepal, PhD Scholar in Educational Leadership from Kathmandu University & the Education Consultant/ Counselor of GUPS concerning training and development in Teaching and Learning Activities initially at Pre- Primary Level. Along with it Parents' Counseling and Pre- Primary Level Exhibition are also an integral part of ABL. However, the full-fledged teaching in the Activity Based Learning method has been commenced already from the Academic Year 2080 B.S.

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Message from the Founder Chairman

Message from the Founder Chairman

GUPS is situated in the iconic scenery of pollution-free Kohalpur Municipality-2, Aananda Nagar, Banke. It was established in 2057 BS, and founded by the Ex. British Gurkhas is being run by experienced professional faculties, and well managed by experienced administrative staff. The school is further guided by eminent Educationists with No Objection Certificate from the central government authority for starting Kindergarten to Bachelor level in Agriculture. Despite all, in the initiation of providing quality education, preserving our culture, efforts for nature and promoting togetherness, the team of GUPS is in fact, highly passionate about our joint mission and strives to be models of the principles and practices to make our customers happier with the tune of higher customers satisfaction.


Indeed, it could be a beautiful dream of childhood, the existence of peace, goodwill, lovingness and a friendly atmosphere. Aiming to bring out unspoken undercurrents of children’s feelings which could even relate to repressed likes and dislikes. This is what GUPS is all about. One of the longest-serving employees, the Principal Mrs. Sadhana Thapa has been enormously enjoying her responsibility and feels proud of working with the Board of Directorates (BoD), co-workers, parents and students at all times. Since the child’s education and well-being are the last things, a parent will compromise on, we maintain discipline, a very low student-teacher ratio, involve parents, provide ICT/IT with WIFI and; smart board teaching resources from the juniors to seniors and also reward scholarships for the meritorious and needy pupils.


The school curriculum includes regular medical care, picnics, nature walks and educational visits, sports, Marshal Arts, Yoga, Art and Craft, Dramatics and Debates along with regular school programmes. The school incidentally, has the highest success rate on merit of students seeking admission at all levels. Similarly, we encourage creativity, stimulate curiosity, inspire leading habits, promote good morals, instil a love for learning, develop learning skills, create confidence and success, and inculcate good manners; as a result, our children enjoy solving problems, develop logical thinking powers are inspired to read good books, develop a sense of responsibility, enjoy colouring, storytelling and recitation.


Moreover, the school has a spacious premise with a beautiful child-oriented environment where the children are taken great care of and are encouraged to learn, play and experience. Also, we stress developing social, emotional and; of course, intellectual capabilities. More importantly, special remedial classes are also arranged for slow learners, regardless of resource, literally electrifying the image of what the school is doing.


Furthermore, reflecting on the notable achievement based on our mission and motto challenges us intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Therefore, the practice of leadership requires the highest level of capacity to keep asking basic questions of yourself and the people in your organisation and community. Undoubtedly, both uplifting and practical, the strategical standards of procedural requirements enable each of us to lead courageously and confidently without losing the fundamental expectations ourselves.


Besides, the BoD had consequentially launched the Five-Year (2079-2084) project development plan to provide the latest upgraded technology, installation of air conditions and; other developed teaching and learning resources. In addition to this, the school management will also be working carefully to motivate all employees for the holistic development of the entire organisation. Last but not least, I’d like to extend my sincere thanks to all those who are involved directly or indirectly for making our mission a great success without whom it would not have been possible. Of course, your unrelenting endeavour and support will be highly appreciated.


Keshar Bahadur Ale Magar



Message from the Principal

Message from the Principal

As we approach the beginning of the Academic Year – 2081. I extend my warm welcome and take this opportunity to commit to a joyful journey of education in GUPS integrated with fun-filled learning experiences. It gives me great pleasure to express my deep sense of gratitude and respect to each one associated with this Institute.

As I look back through the corridors of time I have been a witness to the growth and evolution of this institution since the year 2057 when I got associated with it. Since its inception, the school has been at the forefront of its struggle with all its ups and downs and has gradually flourished over the years.

After GUPS has accomplished its prosperous 23 years, it has now become a symbol of progressive & quality education. Our aim, importantly, is to make education a fun-filled, enjoyable learning & growing experience. At the school, we are a team of dedicated teachers & staff committed to the welfare of the students. We do believe that it is important to create an environment where students look eagerly forward to coming to school. Hence, the entire school team will leave no stone unturned in their efforts to meet the expectations and to make the school known for its academic excellence. In the end, may I take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude, to the Editorial Board for their hard work in publishing the GUPS 20th Annual Newsletter.


Mrs. Sadhana Thapa


Gorkha United Public School


In the pursuit of excellence and with the motto 'Positive Thinking for Quality Education' our vision at GUPS is to educate all the pupils to the highest levels of academic achievement, to enable them to reach and expand their potential, and to prepare them fully to become a productive, responsible, ethical, creative, and compassionate member of the society.

Our Mission

Our Mission

"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare. GUPS anticipates all its students to realize their true potential and prepare them for real-life challenges by;


  • Pursuing excellence in Academics, Co-curricular activities, Human Values and Life skills.
  • Continuously adding value to its curriculum to equip the pupils with the required Knowledge, Skills & Values and enlighten their minds and souls.
  • Carving globally awakened citizens through inquiry-based pedagogy and collaborative learning. Providing exposure to the latest technology to harvest their innate talent to make them proficient in the rapidly changing world. 
  • Providing freedom and space for individual expression enabling them to become self-reliant, self-motivated and confident human beings. Guiding them to become mature and self-reliant individuals whose strength lies in their ability to face adversities without fear and overcome challenges with confidence.
  • Nurturing solution-oriented rather than problem-oriented thinkers who will face the challenges of life with exceptional grit and confidence.
  • Providing them with a liberal and diverse environment that nurtures creativity.
  • Encouraging a desire for lifelong learning.
  • Inculcating the best Nepali culture and tradition among the pupils.
  • Creating responsible citizens who are fully aware of their social, moral and cultural obligations and commitments, with a desire for unbounded service to humanity.


Future Plan

GUPS is a 21st-century value-based progressive school where the students put their culture and values into practice. We are always committed to ensuring quality education to produce skilled and responsible citizens. Our sole focus is to inculcate the basic 21st-century skills (Creativity, Critical thinking, Communication, Collaboration, Leadership, Technology Skills and Problem-Solving Skills ) in the students and establish the school as a centre of educational excellence. To meet the need for a 21st-century education, we have envisioned a '5-Year Perspective Plan' (effective from 2079 -2084) which comprises:

1) Complete renovation of classrooms and student-friendly furnishing.

2) Air conditioning classrooms.

3) Innovative and effective pedagogy.

4) Activity Based Learning (ABL) and Project Based Learning (PBL).

5) Completely ICT-based teaching.

6) Giving children the freedom of bag-less education.

7) Making the best use of agriculture expertise in mass production and distribution.


The organization has already started a Bachelor's Study in Agriculture from the academic year 2075 B.S. affiliated with Agriculture & Forestry University, Rampur Chitwan under the project "Gorkha Polytechnic College & Research Centre. The major focus of the study program is to prepare students for careers in various agricultural-related fields, such as farming, agribusiness, agricultural engineering /research and many more. GPCRC believes that agricultural education can help students understand the importance of agriculture in our economy and society and play an important role in breaking out of poverty.

What we serve

Silent Features

  1. Prime location and easily accessible.
  2. Peaceful environment & safe infrastructure.
  3. Value-Based Education system.
  4. Dedicated, renowned, qualified and professionally experienced teachers.
  5. Pre-school is based on Montessori / ECD philosophy.
  6. Innovative teaching methodology.
  7. Spacious & well-furnished classrooms.
  8. Teaching through smart boards to promote engaging and interactive learning.
  9. Ample area for indoor & outdoor activities.
  10. A high degree of discipline and no compromise with any breach of discipline by students.
  11. Individual care, guidance & counselling to the students.
  12. Child-centric teaching approach.
  13. The proper ratio of students in the classrooms emphasizes a more conducive learning


  1. Separate exam rooms to make regular class tests more effective.
  2. Extra classes to enhance the academic performance of the students throughout the year.
  3. Basic Improvement Test every week (every Friday) for slow learners.
  4. Emphasis on more practical classes in subjects like Science, Computer, Social & English.
  5. Regular educational excursions & Co-Curricular activities.
  6. Provision of one set of textbooks in the school to lessen the weight of school bags, especially for junior students.
  7. Regular Interactions with Parents/Guardians.
  8. Well-furnished, modern and separate laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths

      and Computer science.

  1. Scholarship scheme for academic topper, deserving and economically poor students.
  2. Dance and Music classes.
  3. Modern and resourceful library & labs.
  4. Separate Study room for the Library purpose.
  5. Boarding facility for the students.
  6. 24 Hours Accidental Insurance for both staff and students.
  7. Cafeteria within the school premises with hygienic food.
  8. Very smooth communication system to parents/guardians.
  9. 24 - hour power backup.
  10. Regular health care service to the students by School Nurse.


Academic Programme

KINDER GARTEN / Preschool (KG - I  to  KG – III) Early childhood is the most critical time for positive intervention. GUPS runs Kindergarten (a Preschool educational approach) for kids (aged 3-5 years). It is completely based on Montessori/ ECD philosophy (a teaching approach based on 'Learn by Fun/'Learning by Doing.'') The kids learn in a fun-filled manner, like, playing, singing, and practical activities such as drawing, and social interaction as part of the transition from home to school). We focus on four basic ideas: free self-expression, creativity, social participation and motor expression. The programme builds on the evidence in early childhood education that such early investments provide children with advantages that are amplified and reinforced over time.

Day School : (9:30 am to 3:55 pm)

Subjects offered:

Nepali                                     Computer Science                             

Mathematics                           Optional Mathematics                       

Social Studies

English                                    Science

Health Education                    Accountancy




GUPS conducts a Bridge Course every year immediately after the SEE examination. Our main objective in running the Bridge Course is to fill the gap between the syllabus of classes X and XI establishing the fundamental concept of the students for class XI.

Subjects Offered








Timing: (10:30 am to 5:00 pm)

Subjects Offered

English                        Nepali

Physics                        Chemistry

Mathematics               Biology/Computer Science


Timing: (10:30 am to 3:30 pm)

Subjects Offered:

English                                                Nepali

Accountancy                                       Economics

Business Mathematics                        Social Studies


Admission Procedure




Science Stream

GPA 2.8 & Above in SEE (in relevant Subjects)                                          [80 nos.]


Management Stream

GPA 2 & Above in SEE (in relevant subjects)                                              [40 nos.]


NB: Students who are eligible to get admission have to go through a written Entrance Exam and interview.


GUPS provides scholarships to different categories of students every year which is about 10 % of the total students' number. 'The academic Topper Scholarship' is provided to the students based on each Terminal Examination Performance and other scholarships are given on an annual basis.

Categories of Scholarships

Entrance Toppers

Academic Toppers (1st, 2nd & 3rd)  

Economical condition

Handicapped/Deprived Children


Best Sports Man

School Captain

School Vice - Captains

What We Offer

Science Lab

Students are active learners, not just passive recipients of knowledge. Labs provide students with various opportunities to learn and experiment, which plays a crucial role in the ongoing intellectual development of students at any academic level. GUPS has extended its Science Labs to facilitate the students with all sorts of materials and equipment. It owns separate labs for Physics, Chemistry and Biology experiments to develop scientific reasoning abilities, discover the world around them, and ask challenging questions to gather the evidence needed for the most complete answer.

Library & e-Library

GUPS has expanded its Library with separate study room with inclusion of thousands of world class books on Science & technology, Mathematics, Nepali & English literatur and Encyclopedia along with relevant text-books. GUPS library also acquires thousands of magazines (Daily/ Weekly/Monthly). Along with this library possesses connection of e-Library through internet.


Co-Curricular Activities

Study gets no completion without the involvement of Co-curricular activities. Hence throughout the year the school conducts different activities/competitions
on weekly basis as house wise competition according to School’s Academic calendar. Besides, the school organizes Mini Running Shield, Annual Sports/Parents’ Day and GUPS Talent Hunt every year with the active participation of all level students. S

Audio/Visual Classes

To provide visual understanding of different theories & hypothesis, the school possesses Audio/Visual aids like separate Laptops, LCD projectors for juniors and senior students with e-classes on variety of subject topics.


Computer Lab

Traditionally, computer labs have been configured to support teaching and learning by providing rows of computers in a lecture-style classroom set-up. Lab computers and software allowed students to complete course assignments or learn new programs.

Children Park

Kids pay more attention to academic tasks when they are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play. Recess can also have a calming effect helping with disciplinary issues and impulse control. Unstructured physical activity on the playground helps kids become smarter, healthier and stronger.

Life at GUPS

Life at GUPS is awesome. We are always devoted towards the students. Our main motive is to ensure quality education to every students enrolled at GUPS.

We not only offer good course education but also the extra-curricular activities that enhances necessary skills and knowledge to our students.


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