Gorkha United Public School | Chairman Message

Keshar Bahadur Ale

“Better customer service is the best compensation for private entrepreneurship. Believe in yourself and you’ll be unstoppable”. It’s my immense great pleasure to highlight my joint in-depth insights, into the corporate vision for establishing greater and more practical based academics on the whole.


Primarily, my main mission is to focus on and; nurture the branding alignment through clear strategies to develop and mechanise modern technology for quality education in the 21st era. Indeed, I assure you all that, I along with our highly dedicated and vastly experienced consortium have been exploring the field of education, for the last, little over two decades. Undoubtedly, the present dynamic teammates have been considerably distinguishing the past accomplishments and, also proved to be the better service-oriented customers’ satisfaction as such.


Despite the fact, consequently considering often the very versatile situation, and its challenges in the drastically developing advanced technologically driven world, the school management is deliberately forced to launch an immediate reinforcing the present resources without any delay. Henceforth, the school trustees have come up with the five years (2080-2085BS), innovative and strategic academic excellence projection plan. Moreover, the school is intently pursuing an incremental and directional goal. Logistically, it’ll emerge a wider variety of activities and; a greater depth of employees based on long-term inspirational and motivational effectiveness. In the event of launching the integrated strategical mission and tasks, the institution may be able to hallmark the unique and concrete components, along with great support from the various field of experts. Quite promisingly, the secret of success can be learnt from the life histories of successful people. Thus, the academic consultant and the executive team will be vitally focusing on regular analysis measures on the transformation of the changes.


In the end, I’d like to commend every valued co-worker, well-wisher, parent and dearest student for their extreme dedication and hard work. Regardless of the source, a great team’s success depends on your deft ability to articulate accountabilities, monitor progress, and follow up immediately on both success and weaknesses. Your unconditional mutual understanding and support will be always appreciated.



Keshar Bahadur Ale Magar

Founder Chairman